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We provide professional & affordable lawn mowing services near you in Perth.

If we were to take a poll of 100 homeowners in Perth, WA and asked them “Which gardening chore do you hate the most”, we are certain the vast majority would say “mowing the lawn”. Whilst they may all love planting flowers, pruning hedges, and even watering the lawn, when it comes time to mow it, most of them would rather log on to the internet and ask Google for ‘lawn mowing services near me’, in the hope to find a Perth-based company that offers lawn mowing services.

The fact that you are reading this might mean you have already done that search on Google and found us, and even if you landed here by some other route, the good news is that Garden Spec offer lawn mowing services in Perth, WA, and additional lawn care services for our clients. These not only ensure that your lawn looks great all the year-round, but also that it remains healthy as well.

With some garden services companies, their lawn mowing service means just that, so all they do is cut the grass and they are done. With Garden Spec our lawn mowing service is comprehensive and includes several additional services designed to ensure your lawn’s health is maintained and that it has an appearance every homeowner would be proud to call their own. Here are some of the details:

  • One-Off Lawn Mowing Or Regular: We do not insist that any of our clients sign up for a minimum time so if all you need is a single one-off mowing of your lawn we will be happy to do so. If, however, you would like us to regularly mow your lawn then we offer lawn mowing as an ongoing service for as short or long a period as you wish.
  • Local Expertise: The lawns in Perth, WA, will be a lot different to those in Perth, Scotland, or indeed any other part of the world. For that reason, you need lawn experts who have local knowledge of how best to care for lawns based on local conditions and the local climate. That expertise is exactly what you get when you hire the Garden Spec team of gardeners to mow and care for your lawn.
  • Professional-Grade Equipment: They say a worker is only as good as their tools which is why Garden Spec’s gardeners only ever use well-maintained, professional-grade tools and equipment, for all aspects of your lawn mowing and lawn care services.
  • Additional Lawn Care: As part of our lawn mowing service we also carry out the following services for every client:
      • Edging: To make the edges of your lawn neat and tidy
      • Whipper Snipping: So that the grass in awkward to reach spots can be cut
      • Blowing Down Paths: As part of the clearing up exercise we will blow debris from any pathways in your garden
  • Green Waste Removal: When we mow your lawn and carry out some of the additional services there is obviously going to be a significant amount of green waste created such as weeds and grass cuttings, for example. As part of our service to you, we will remove all of it so you can start enjoying your lawn right away instead of having the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Call Garden Spec To Discuss Your Lawn Mowing Needs, Today

If you find mowing your lawn a tedious task, or one which requires more physical effort than you wish to muster, then the solution is little more than a phone call away. Simply call Garden Spec using the phone number above, and you will soon be speaking to one of our friendly and helpful team. They will be happy to discuss how we can help keep your lawn in shape with our lawn mowing service as well as our other lawn care services.

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