Professional Lawn Mowing & Garden Services in Kingsley

Not every resident living in Kingsley, Perth, WA, is going to be an avid gardener, and when it comes time to care for or to maintain their garden, the temptation to simply ignore it will be strong. Whilst failing to maintain a garden might not seem to be too big of a problem, in the weeks and even months to come, the resultant unhealthy and unkempt garden will make the job of fixing it all much more difficult.

None of this needs to happen as there is a simple solution to almost all gardening needs in Kingsley, and that is Garden Spec. We are one of the most trusted gardening services companies in Perth and its suburbs, and our clients in Kingsley will vouch for our dedication and professionalism.

One of the reasons we are so popular with our clients is that we do not have a one size fits all approach, nor do we only offer just two or three services.

Lawn Mowing Kingsley

We have an entire menu of garden services that our clients can choose from, and whether they are for a single occasion or as a regular ongoing arrangement, we are happy to accommodate the gardening needs of all our Kingsley clients. As for the specific services we offer in Kingsley, read on and you find out all about them.

Garden Services In Kingsley, Perth, WA

What sets Garden Spec apart from many other gardening companies, is the diversity of garden services that we offer. Whether you need lawn care, lawn renovation, pest /disease/weed control, fertiliser and soil conditioning, or nothing more than a simple cleanup of your garden, we can offer them all, and more.

In addition, when you employ Garden Spec you will be benefitting from our many years of experience in caring for gardens in Kingsley and the wider area around Perth, WA. Specific garden services include:

  • Lawn Care: As part of our lawn care service we can get rid of pests and diseases, fertilise your lawn, condition the soil and if it needs more comprehensive work, we can renovate your lawn too.
  • Vertimowing: This is a process that helps boost the health of your lawn. By removing the top thatch if it gets too thick, it aids the grass by allowing more moisture to reach its roots and also prevents discolouration of individual blades of grass
  • Lawn Aeration / Coring: We provide this tried and trustee method of strengthening the roots within your lawn.
  • Reticulation: Nothing is more important to the health of your garden than ensuring all of it receives the moisture it needs, especially in the dry, sunny climate we have here in Kingsley. Garden Spec will maintain your irrigation system and if it develops a fault, we will pinpoint it and repair it.

Garden Maintenance In Kingsley, Perth, WA

Garden maintenance is another service that Garden Spec provides in Kingsley, and such is its importance, it deserves a section all of its own. Without regular garden maintenance, your garden can become overgrown, unkempt, and suffer to the extent that many of the plants, shrubs, and flowers could wither and die.

By asking garden spec to maintain your garden you are inviting professional garden experts to keep it healthy and looking great. Here are some reasons why we can do so.

  • Local Expertise: It stands to reason that those working locally within gardens will have the best knowledge of local soils, plant types and how all of it is affected by the local conditions including the climate. Garden Spec’s gardening team are all local experts meaning they know the correct ways to maintain local gardens.
  • Garden Maintenance To Suit: We are happy to agree with each client on the scale and types of garden maintenance that suits them and their garden best. This ensures that every garden we maintain gets the exact degree of attention and work its owner wants and needs.
  • High Standard Tools And Equipment: You will not see our garden team arrive with broken shovels and rusty old mowers. Instead, they will have professional-grade equipment which allows them to carry out garden maintenance properly.
  • Two Garden Experts Per Job: Each job has two members of our team carrying out the work so that it is completed on time, and all the work is done to the highest standard.
  • Clean Up / Green Waste Removal: Garden maintenance work will usually create green waste and garden debris. Some companies will expect you to clean it away, but not Garden Spec. We will clear up after our work and remove all green waste and debris to leave your garden neat and tidy.

Lawn Mowing In Kingsley, Perth, WA

Finally, we must mention our other prime service which is lawn mowing. Whether you need us for just one or two visits, or you want us to mow your lawn on an ongoing basis, we are happy to oblige. Our service also includes lawn edging and we will use whipper snipping to ensure every piece of grass has been tidied. As with our other services we will clear away all cuttings and weeds when we are finished.

To ask us about our lawn mowing service, or any of the other garden services which Garden Spec provides in Kingsley, please give us a call.