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Garden Spec provide vertimowing services right across the Perth metropolitan area.

Vertimowing is a process to remove excessive thatch that builds up between the top of your lawn and soil/surface. If your lawn feels spongy underfoot, then it’s time for a Vertimow!

The Benefits of Vertimowing!

For any homeowner in Perth, WA who has a lawn, you might expect that the normal care regime such as mowing and edging would be sufficient to keep your grass healthy and looking great, but in many cases, it is not enough. This is especially so when the thatch that forms on the top surface becomes excessively thick, and when that happens, it is time to fix it with vertimowing.

Vertimowing is a garden and lawn care service that requires expertise and professional-grade equipment, and that is exactly what the team at Garden Spec can offer you. We have many years of experience in lawn care, and in particular, vertimowing in Perth, which ensures that our local clients’ lawns are at peak health and optimal condition. Talk to us today about the cost of vetimowing for your property.

Why Vertimowing Is Essential For Healthy Lawns

On a lawn, the top surface is known as the thatch. This is essential for protecting the roots as it prevents evaporation and the risk of the roots from drying out. The thatch also provides the spongy surface underfoot and acts as a layer of protection. Whilst a thatch certainly is good news, the problems begin when it grows excessively thick, which is when you will need the vertimowing services that Garden Spec provides.

If you leave the thatch unchecked and it grows too thick your lawn is at risk. First, it makes mowing your lawn more difficult. Second, it spoils its appearance. Third, water accumulates on top and evaporates meaning the roots of your lawn lose up to 75% of their natural moisture, which threatens your lawn’s health. Finally, excessive thatch can also negatively impact photosynthesis which helps your lawn produce food.

Add to all that the fact that excess thatch can turn your lawn brown and also become a breeding ground for unwelcome pests, by now you will hopefully have realised that excess thatch is unwanted, and accept the need for the vertimowing service that Garden Spec offers our clients to eradicate it.

Garden Spec’s Vertimowing Services in Perth

The first element of our service will be especially useful to those who are not expert gardeners or have never used a vertimowing service before. This is the initial consultation where we will be happy to discuss with you the specifics of your lawn and any concerns you have regarding its health and appearance. From this, we will arrange vertimowing if it is deemed appropriate, or if not, recommend to you some of our other excellent lawn care services.

Some of the factors that influence the type of service we would provide for you include the specific grass types you have on your lawn, the time of year, and the benefits that are most important to you that accrue from vertimowing.

  • Time of Year: Vertimowing can take place throughout the year, but it has the best effect if done at the beginning of the grass growing season between September and March. If we are out with that time, it may still be recommended, but our experts would confirm this before starting. Otherwise, we can certainly care for your lawn with our lawn care services until vertimowing would be deemed more appropriate.
  • Lawn Type: We can recommend vertimowing for most lawn types, but in certain conditions, it might not be necessary for specific grasses. Kikuyu and Couch (Wintergreen) grasses are suitable for aggressive vertimowing. On the other hand, Buffalo type grasses may only need grooming rather than aggressive vertimowing.
  • Benefits Of Vertimowing: Several benefits can accrue from our vertimowing service
    • Healthier and greener lawn
    • Less fertiliser is required thus helping your garden be more eco-friendly
    • Fewer pests, fungus, and disease
    • Better irrigation
    • Stronger and healthier roots

If you wish to use Garden Spec’s vertimowing service or discuss the cost of it further, please get in touch. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on what is the best plan for your lawn’s care and if vertimowing is suitable.

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