Why Should You Vertimow Your Lawn?

Vertimowing is a process to remove excessive thatch that builds up between the top of your lawn and soil/surface. If your lawn feels spongy underfoot, then it’s time for a Vertimow!

The Benefits of Vertimowing!

  • Removal of thatch will encourage new and healthier lawn growth.
  • Thatch can prevent up to 75% of the water that is applied to the lawn from reaching the root system
  • Requires less fertiliser (better for the environment).
  • Deeper, greener lawn colour.
  • Eliminates a breeding place for pests, fungus and diseases.

When Should You Vertimow Your Lawn?

Vertimowing can be done anytime while the lawn is actively growing. We suggest doing it at the start of the growing season which is from September right through to around March.
Vertimow at this time and your lawn will regrow very quickly, to give you a lush green, healthier lawn.

What types if lawn can be vertimowed?

All types of lawns can be vertimowed, however special consideration should be followed with Buffalo lawns. We will ‘Groom’ Buffalo types which is less aggressive than ‘Vertimowing’. Grass types such as Couch (Wintergreen) and Kikuyu can be vertimowed more aggressively.

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