We can take care of all your garden maintenance in Perth.

Garden Spec are a full-service garden maintenance company working all over Perth.

The way many people will first try to find a company that offers garden maintenance services is to go on Google and type in the phrase, ‘garden maintenance services near me’. The problem with that approach is that it merely shows companies that have good website marketing skills and not necessarily those that offer excellent service to residents in Perth, WA.

What you want is a garden maintenance company that focuses its efforts on giving its clients exceptional service rather than trying to outsmart Google, and that is exactly what you have with Garden Spec. Ever since our founder Shane Rimene secured Garden Spec’s first clients, it has been his mission, and that of the whole team at Garden Spec, for us to become the number one garden maintenance company in Perth, WA.

We are well on the way to achieving that goal thanks to the comprehensive lawn and garden maintenance service packages (including Rose Pruning) that we offer, the skills and experience of our gardeners, the value for money we provide, and the exceptional customer service we give to every one of our garden maintenance services clients.

Garden Spec’s Garden Maintenance Services

The range of garden maintenance services we provide is significant, so whether you have a small garden that simply needs some tidying up, rose pruning or a larger garden that requires one of our garden cleanup services, then we can help. Listed below are some of the garden maintenance services we offer and why Garden Spec’s knowledge and experience make us the premium garden maintenance company to undertake that work for you.

  • Full Garden Clean-Ups: If your garden has not received much attention recently, we will not judge you but instead will do all we can to help. Our garden clean up services can take an unkempt garden and turn it into a thing of beauty.
  • Regular Garden Maintenance: Depending on the size of your garden and what you have growing there, we will agree on a maintenance plan with you that we can fulfil for you on an ongoing basis. This means that all year round your garden will stay healthy and look fantastic.
  • Local Knowledge: Gardens grow all over the world in line with the prevailing local climate and conditions. Our gardening team’s knowledge of what the local conditions are in Perth, WA, allow us to pinpoint exactly what your garden requires in terms of care and maintenance.
  • Two Gardeners Per Job: By sending two gardeners to each maintenance job, not only does it reduce the time needed to get your garden fully maintained, but it ensures that the heavier work is completed rather than you having the inconvenience of having multiple appointments.
  • Green Waste Removal: Every garden maintenance job will result in green waste such as weeds and cuttings from hedge trimming, for example. Rather than leaving clients to have to take care of its removal, we do all that for you as part of our service.
  • Right Tools For The Job: You will not see our gardens turn up with rusty old cutters and dilapidated lawnmowers. Instead, we pride ourselves that our tools are all professional-grade, right for the job, and we maintain them to ensure they are safe and can do the job they are supposed to properly.

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It may well be that you are not entirely sure what garden maintenance services you need, and if that is the case then please call us, as one of our friendly team will be happy to discuss your garden with you, and advise what services would be most suitable for it. Whether you choose Garden Spec for a one-off job or wish to use us for regular rose pruning, ongoing basis, we will be delighted to do all we can to keep your garden healthy and looking at its best.

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