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Garden Spec provide Lawn Aeration / Coring Services all over Perth.

For anyone in Perth, WA with a lawn and who might be concerned about the health of that lawn, or worse know that their lawn requires some remedial help, many garden services could help. In particular, services that help to provide your lawn with increased levels of water, air and nutrients are the most effective, and the good news is, Garden Spec’s aeration and coring services can achieve all three.

Every living thing on our planet thrives when it has sufficient levels of nutrition and the grass on your lawn is no different. With Garden Spec’s lawn coring and lawn aeration services, not only will your grass be getting all the nutrients it needs, but there are also other benefits that this service provides our clients’ lawns.

What Is Aeration / Coring?

For anyone who has not come across the terms lawn aeration and lawn coring before, here is a brief explanation. We should point out that you might hear each of those terms used to mean the same thing, but they are district from each other.

The first of them is coring, which is a process of creating small holes in the soil where a lawn is growing using special equipment so that the holes are of a specific diameter and depth. The process involves removing the soil rather than simply drilling down into it. The removed pieces of soil are known as plugs and the holes created are called cores.

Once the cores have been created, aeration can now take place. The cores allow for more air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. This provides several benefits to your lawn, and when you choose the expert gardeners at Garden Spec for your lawn aeration/coring those benefits are enhanced.

Benefits Of Lawn Aeration / Lawn Coring Services in Perth

  • Increased Lawn Health: With your lawn’s roots receiving additional water, air, and nutrients as a result of aeration, its health will be enhanced. In particular, the roots will strengthen and grow deeper, and the density of the grass in your lawn will thicken.
  • Reduced Build Up Of Thatch: Too much thatch on the surface of your lawn can cause issues for it. Aeration can manage that as it encourages microorganisms in the grass which can decompose thick thatch.
  • Reduced Puddling And Water Runoff: Aeration can help to prevent puddles from being formed on your lawn and the subsequent water runoffs which can cause flooding in other areas of your garden
  • Reduced Soil Compacting: If your soil is too compact it makes it harder for your grass’s roots to receive air, water, and fertiliser and in turn can lead to thinning areas of grass and dead patches. With lawn coring and lawn aeration, the soil density is reduced which eliminates the compacting problem.
  • Local Garden Experts: The gardening team at Garden Spec have been caring for the lawns and gardens of our clients in Perth, WA for many years, and we have lots of loyal customers. With our knowledge of local soils, grasses, and conditions we have the expertise to identify exactly what each garden and lawn needs for optimal health, including when and how to core and aerate the lawn.
  • State Of The Art Equipment: At Garden Spec we pride ourselves, not only on our collective skills and experience but on the equipment and tools that we use. When it comes to coring and aerating we use professional-grade equipment to ensure the job is done correctly. That also applies to any other garden service we provide our clients.

Let Garden Spec Boost Your Lawn’s Health

If you wish to give your lawn a health boost then Garden Spec’s aeration/coring services are the way to achieve that. Get in touch with us today and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you take the first step to a greener, lusher, and healthier lawn.

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