Professional Lawn Care

We are very passionate about the health and look of all our lawns we maintain. Offering a complete ‘Lawn Maintenance Plan’ to keep your lawns healthy and looking great all year round, we are sure you will have the best looking lawn in your street!

Our ‘Lawn Care Program’ provides our very own, carefully selected organic fertiliser / soil conditioning blend. Designed specifically for Perth lawns and applied at the correct times throughout the year, we guarantee you will have a beautiful lawn that you can always enjoy.

With our regular visits we can identify any nutrient deficiency within your lawns and provide treatments before problems arise.

Our Lawn Care Program includes:

  • Weed Control
  • Pest Control
  • Disease Control
  • Fertiliser and Soil Conditioning
  • Wetting Agents, Retention Agent and Penetrants (minimising the volume of watering is our priority)
  • Soil PH Testing with our digital readers
  • Professional advice for further services if required such as ‘Vertimowing and ‘Aeration / Coring’.

Lawn Renovations
Garden Spec offer a full range of lawn care and lawn renovation services. For a fraction of the cost of ripping up your old lawn and replacing it with new turf, call us first for a free, no obligation quote to renovate your tired and unsightly lawn.

With our experience in Turf Management we have many lawns that our customers thought were beyond repair and we have brought back to life!

What Our Customers Say:

“After a disastrous verti-mow by another contractor that left our front lawn looking like a desert we engaged Shane and his team to rehab our front lawn. Just within a few months he’s managed to rehabilitate it from a lawn resembling the Sahara to a lawn resembling a bowling green. Truly astonishing. We highly recommend Garden Spec for all your lawn & garden needs.”

M Langridge – Sorrento

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