Professional Lawn Mowing & Garden Services in Churchlands

For residents living in Churchlands, Perth, WA, taking care of their gardens will either be something which they adore, something they hate, or something in between, with an acceptance it has to be done. In all instances, there is a knowing that unless their garden is maintained, it is in danger of becoming an eyesore, but there is a solution.

That solution is instead of having to do your garden maintenance yourself, even if you enjoy it, you could pass some or all of your it to Garden Spec. At Garden Spec we have years of caring for and maintaining the gardens throughout Churchlands, and we do so using our local knowledge, skills, and dedication to making the garden of every one of our clients as healthy and as beautiful as we can.

Our core services include lawn mowing and garden maintenance, and to complement them we have several garden care options which many clients opt for.

Lawn Mowing Churchlands

We also offer specialised garden care for residents who want the absolute best for their gardens. Read on and you will discover what garden services your garden in Churchlands could benefit from.

Lawn Mowing In Churchlands, Perth, WA

One of our Garden Spec’s most popular garden services is lawn mowing. With the local climate being what it is, residents in Churchlands find their lawns need mowing more often than in other locations. As such, the effort and time needed, make lawn mowing the perfect job to ask the team at Garden Spec to carry out.

If you do ask us, here is what you can expect.

  • Flexible Services Offering One-Off Or Long Term Mowing: Whether you need us on a single occasion, or multiple occasions over a longer period, we will be happy to mow your lawn.
  • Local Expertise: Our team are based locally, and that local knowledge and experience mean we know exactly what lawns in Churchlands require in terms of mowing and care.
  • Profession Grade Tools And Equipment: We take pride in, not just the skills of our team, but our equipment too. We use new, modern, and professional-grade tools and equipment for every lawn mowing job.
  • Complete Clear Up: Once we have mown your lawn, the job of clearing up is ours, not yours. As such, we will remove all grass cuttings and weeds.
  • Lawn Care: As well as mowing your lawn we care for it too. This means we will edge your lawn, and use whipper snipping to ensure your lawn is neat.

Garden Maintenance In Churchlands, Perth, WA

Every garden needs to be maintained if the plants that grow there are to remain healthy, and the garden is to look great all year round. For this reason, many residents in Churchlands use Garden Spec’s garden maintenance service. Here are some of the specific benefits of using our garden maintenance team.

  • We Use The Right Tools For The Job: Our team are gardening experts, so no matter what the garden maintenance task is, they will have the correct equipment and tools for use in your garden.
  • We Send Two Gardeners To Every Job: Twice the knowledge, twice the skills, twice the experience, and it means the work is completed faster too.
  • Local Expertise: Our team working throughout the suburbs of Perth, including Churchlands, are experts in how best to maintain local gardens.
  • Clean Ups And Garden Waste Removal: If your garden is unkempt, we can turn it into something which you will be proud of, and once we are finished we will remove all the debris which the clean-up has created.
  • Maintenance Plans To Suit: Every client we have in Churchlands has varying garden maintenance needs which is why we offer a range of different maintenance packages.

Garden Services in Churchlands, Perth, WA

The range of garden services we offer in Churchlands is comprehensive and implemented by a team of garden experts with experience, expertise, and a high level of commitment to our clients. Some services are one-offs, some require regular work, but in all cases, you can be sure of our dedication and professionalism at all times. As for garden services in Churchlands, here is what we can offer you.

  • Lawn Renovations: If your lawn needs a complete overhaul, our team can undertake a full lawn renovation.
  • Lawn Aeration / Coring: If you want your lawn’s roots to be the strongest they can be, this service is what you need.
  • Vertimowing: Another of our garden services dedicated to making your lawn the healthiest it can be. This reduces the top thatch to prevent scarring of your grass and ensures it receives all the moisture it needs.
  • Fertilizer and Soil Conditioning: Healthy soil is essential for a healthy garden, and this is the service that keeps your soil in top condition.
  • Pest Control/Disease Control, Weed Control: We are sure you will agree that pests, diseases, and weeds are unwanted in any garden so call us out and we will rid your garden of them all.
  • Reticulation: Our team will troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your irrigation system so that all areas of your garden receives the water it needs.

To discuss what garden services from Garden Spec in Churchlands are right for your garden, please call us today.