Professional Lawn Mowing & Garden Services in Trigg

For gardeners living in and around the suburb of Trigg in Perth, WA, the job of caring for and maintaining your garden might be considered a labour of love. This very much depends on whether you enjoy the work required to maintain your garden, or whether it is simply the enjoyment of sitting in and looking at the beauty that exists in your garden that you prefer.

Whichever it is, if you believe your garden would benefit from being cared for by a team of professional gardeners, and you live in Trigg, then you should give Garden Spec a call. Our dedicated team of gardening professionals offers a wide range of garden services, which includes lawn mowing, garden maintenance, lawn renovations and vertimowing.

Lawn Mowing Trigg

Our range of services also include lawn aeration and coring, weed control, pest control, disease control, fertiliser, and soil conditioning, and we will also repair and maintain reticulation systems of any kind. Incidentally, if there is a garden service that you need which we have not mentioned, please get in touch as our many years of gardening experience mean that we can take on just about any work which is garden related.

Lawn Mowing In Trigg, Perth, WA

Provided they are watered or irrigated properly, lawns in Trigg will grow as healthily and as quickly as they do anywhere else thanks to the many hours of sunshine Trigg receives. Of course, that means that lawn mowing is going to be a significant part of any gardener’s time, and let’s face it, lawn mowing is generally regarded by gardeners as their least favourite gardening chore.

If that rings true for you then why not let Garden Spec take on the job of mowing your lawn for you? With our expertise in local gardening conditions, not just in Perth generally, but Trigg in particular, your lawn will receive the precise care it needs and deserves, In addition, our lawn mowing team will mow lawns either as a one-off job or as part of a regular lawn care package.

That lawn care includes mowing your lawn, but in addition, we can take care of the edging of your lawn. we can use whipper snipping for those hard to reach areas, and we will also blow down your pathways and walkways as we clear up everything once the work has been completed.

Garden Maintenance In Trigg, Perth, WA

If your garden needs more than just the lawn mown occasionally, and you wish it to have a more substantial level of care, then speak to us here at Garden Spec about our garden maintenance services. As with many of our other garden services, those who use our garden maintenance service benefit from our team of garden maintenance experts having local knowledge about how to care for plants, flowers, lawns, and trees growing in and around Trigg.

We strive to make our garden maintenance service the best there is in Trigg, and given the feedback that we receive from our local clients, we believe that we are close to achieving our aim. Part of the reason is the array of garden maintenance services we offer, and the professionalism our team displays in every job they attend. Some of the specific benefits Trigg residents will receive when they use Garden Spec’s garden maintenance services, include:

  • Regular garden maintenance at agreed periods to ensure your garden is always in top condition.
  • Full garden clean up service to restore gardens that have lacked attention to their best.
  • Each garden maintenance job receives the attention of two of our gardening team which ensures all the work can be completed without delay.
  • All our tools and equipment are professional-grade, fully maintained, and ensure that we are using the best tools for each task.
  • We will remove all green waste from your garden as part of the service saving you the time and effort of having to clear up after us.

Garden Services In Trigg, Perth, WA

Lawn mowing and garden maintenance are two of Garden Spec’s most sought after services in Trigg, but they are not the only ones. We get requests for a wide range of garden services, and thanks to our team’s diverse range of knowledge and skills, we can accommodate the vast majority of them. Some of the additional garden services that Garden Spec offers residents in Trigg include:

  • Vertimowing: This keeps the upper lawyers of your lawn in prime condition.
  • Lawn Aeration/Coring: These ensure that the roots of the grass in your lawn are strong and healthy.
  • Weed/Pest/Disease Control: All your garden’s worst enemies are removed and eradicated by our control teams.
  • Fertiliser And Soil Conditioning: Everything that grows in your garden needs healthy soil to thrive, which is what this service will ensure.
  • Lawn Care/ Lawn Renovations: If your lawn is in particularly poor condition then our lawn renovation team can give it a new lease of life.
  • Reticulation: Your irrigation system is a key part of your garden’s well-being, so let us ensure it is in full working order.

If you need any more information about any of our garden services in Trigg, please get in touch.