Professional Lawn Mowing & Garden Services in Dianella

If ever there was a place name that should indicate a love of gardens and what grows in them it should be Dianella. The reason is that Dianella, Perth, WA is named after the botanical name for a type of blue lily, (Dianella Revoluta) which grew considerably in the area, albeit residential developments have somewhat reduced its numbers.

So, with it being named after a flower, it would seem only right that gardening is a popular pastime in Daniella, and it is. However, not everyone who owns a garden in Dianella is a huge fan of caring for and maintaining it. Whilst many residents love nothing more than weeding, mowing, pruning etc., there is a large number who let out a huge sigh whenever they think about all the work and effort required to maintain their garden.

Lawn Mowing Dianella

It is for that reason Garden Spec’s large number of garden services are popular in Dianella, and why so many residents ask us to undertake the care and maintenance of their garden. If you would prefer to turn the care and maintenance of your garden over to the expert team here at Garden Spec, then read on to find out more about the garden services we can offer you.

Garden Maintenance in Dianella, Perth, WA

One of the most important elements of ensuring that a garden remains healthy and looks good at the same time is effective garden maintenance. Now, not every homeowner knows what garden maintenance they should be focussing on, and even if they do, many are not exactly big fans of the work required to maintain their garden.

This is why many residents in Dianella turn to Garden Spec, and in particular, our garden maintenance packages. We have a range of garden maintenance packages that will suit each individual garden and ensure it gets the care it needs regularly. Some of the advantages of Garden Spec’s garden maintenance service include:

  • Your Garden Is Maintained Regularly: To keep your garden looking great all year round, it needs regular maintenance. Our garden experts will undertake that work for you, based on the maintenance plan we agree upon.
  • Our Garden Maintenance Teams Use Their Local Knowledge: As our teams are based locally, it means their experience of caring for local gardens is invaluable in ensuring every garden maintained in Dianella receives the correct care.
  • Two Experts Per Job: We send two gardening experts on every job to double the knowledge and to ensure it is completed on time.
  • Clean Ups And Waste Removal: After every job we clean up and clear away all the debris, leaving your garden looking great and ready to be enjoyed immediately.

Lawn Mowing in Dianella, Perth, WA

Garden Spec’s lawn mowing service in Dianella can be as basic or as comprehensive as you wish. We can mow your lawn once, mow it regularly, or mow it and provide it with enhanced care, thanks to our additional lawn care services.  Some of the details of our lawn mowing and care services are outlined below.

  • One-Off Or Regular Lawn Mowing: You can hire us once or on a regular basis, it is up to you. Either way, we ensure your lawn is mowed professionally.
  • We Use Only The Best Equipment: Whichever aspect of your lawn’s care we are asked to undertake, it will be done using only modern, fully maintained, professional-grade equipment.
  • Local Lawn Expertise: Grass types vary from location to location so it is a huge benefit to have local garden experts who know exactly how to look after the lawns which grow in Dianella.
  • Additional Lawn Care: We can take your lawn’s care to another level by including edging, whipper snipping, lawn aeration and coring and we can also undertake full-scale lawn renovations.

Garden Services in Dianella, Perth, WA

Whilst garden maintenance and lawn mowing are two of our most popular garden services in Dianella, they are not the only ones. Thanks to our many years of experience caring for the gardens in Perth, WA, including those in Dianella, we can provide garden services across a considerable array of gardening needs. Examples and details of our additional garden services are listed below.

  • Vertimowing: A process that helps improve the health of your lawn by removing excessive thatch from its top layer
  • Weed Control: A gardeners worst enemy is often weeds, so we will remove them for you.
  • Disease Control: Our experts can spot, treat, and prevent further outbreaks of garden diseases.
  • Pest Control: Whichever bugs are harming the health of your plants, our team will eradicate them for you
  • Fertiliser And Soil Conditioning: We can advise on and treat your garden with the best fertilisers if necessary. Beyond that, we can ensure everything is in place to maximise the health and condition of your soil.
  • Reticulation Repairs And Maintenance: In the dry, hot conditions that we often experience in Dianella, irrigation systems in gardens are critically important. Our reticulation repair and maintenance services ensure your plants never lack moisture.

If you would like to speak to Garden Spec about any of our garden services in Dianella, please call us and we will be happy to help.