Professional Lawn Mowing & Garden Services in Sorrento

Whilst many people in Sorrento, Perth, WA. might consider it to have more than its fair share of commercial and industrial areas, it also has some wonderful residential areas too, and most of them have gardens. If you are lucky enough to be one of those residents who have a garden, you will be well aware that it requires a considerable investment of time and energy to keep it healthy and looking great.

Unless you are someone who loves gardening, you might consider the work you have to do to keep your garden in shape to be a chore, rather than a pleasure. If so, there is a very simple solution, and that is to ask Garden Spec to do all that garden work for you. We offer Sorrento residents a considerable array of garden services and are happy to take on one-off jobs as well as longer-term garden maintenance plans.

Lawn Mowing Sorrento

Our primary offerings for gardens in Sorrento include services such as garden maintenance and lawn mowing. Within these broader services, we also have services that will be specific to certain gardens and the needs of their owners. These include pest control, weed control, lawn renovations, vertimowing and reticulation whereby we can repair or maintain your garden’s irrigation system.

In addition, we provide lawn care services including lawn aeration and coring, and if you have concerns about your soil we provide fertilisation and spoil conditioning. We hope you can see that when it comes to caring for gardens in Sorrento, our services cover just about everything our local residents require. Here are some further details on what the team at Garden Spec can offer Sorrento residents who wish to give their garden the best of care.

Garden Services In Sorrento, Perth, WA

One of the key benefits that Sorrento residents have when they use Garden Spec is the huge number of garden services that we can provide them. From the simplest and smallest job to the biggest and most comprehensive garden work, we have the skills, expertise, experience and most importantly, the dedication to want to tackle and complete them all successfully.

This means that, unlike some garden services companies who only take on larger jobs, or vice versa, restrict their clients to those with small gardens, Garden Spec is available to help all residents in Sorrento, regardless of the size of their garden, and how much or how little work is required. Examples of the garden services that Garden Spec can offer you are:

  • Reticulation: Our reticulation services ensure that your garden’s irrigation or watering system is working properly. If not, we will carry out the necessary repairs.
  • Vertimowing: This is a process that ensures that the top layer of your lawn is in prime condition which in turn benefits your entire lawn.
  • Lawn Care: Whether it is removing weeds, pest control, or fertilising, our lawn care service will get your lawn looking at its best.
  • Lawn Renovation: A service for lawns that have lacked care over time and are in very poor condition.
  • Lawn Aeration/Coring; A lawn care process that helps strengthen and boost the roots of the grass growing in your lawn.
  • Lawn Mowing: A chore many gardeners dislike, so they turn to Garden Spec to do it for them.
  • Fertiliser and Soil Condition: If your soil is less than healthy nothing else in your garden will be healthy either, so this service ensures they are all in peak condition.
  • Disease Control /Pest Control /Weed Control: Everything that can harm your garden is dealt with by our team of garden experts.
  • Garden Maintenance: We have a range of garden maintenance packages to suit every size of garden and budget in Sorrento.

Garden Maintenance In Sorrento, Perth, WA

Whether it is your car, your home computer, and even your own body, they all need regular maintenance to continue to function and stay in the best of condition, and that applies equally to any garden growing in Sorrento. That is why Garden Spec’s garden maintenance service is so popular with local homeowners. We can set up a maintenance package to suit your needs, and in doing so, you can rest assured that your garden is being taken care of by garden maintenance experts.

Some of the benefits of using Garden Spec’s garden maintenance service in Sorrento include:

  • A garden maintenance plan suited to your garden’s needs
  • Local knowledge
  • Only using professional-grade and modern tools and equipment
  • Two garden experts per job
  • Full clean up service after the work is completed
  • Green waste removal of all trimmings, cuttings, and other green waste

Lawn Mowing In Sorrento, Perth, WA

For those who dislike or even hate mowing their lawn, the solution is Garden Spec’s lawn mowing service. We are flexible to suit, so we can mow your lawn once or multiple times regularly if you prefer. Our lawn mowing team in Sorrento know exactly what local lawns require both in terms of mowing, and additional care should you wish us to undertake additional lawn care for you such as whipper snipping or edging.

Whichever garden service you need in Sorrento, contact Garden Spec today and our team will be happy to advise you how we can help.